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Morgan's Bizarre Coffee Journey

Morgan's Bizarre Coffee Journey

I can remember it like it was yesterday, opening our doors for the very first time. You see, when we had the opportunity to put a Bizarre Coffee in downtown Canton, we had NO IDEA what we were doing. Sure, we had both worked in restaurants for many years and had an obsession with amazing coffee and customer service, but running a coffee shop?!?!?! Nope, no idea. 

When we originally took over the space, the previous owner had two employees on staff that wanted to continue to work for us and one of those people was Morgan. She had just recently graduated high school and had fallen in love with making coffees on a tiny espresso machine in a tiny shop.

Little did she or us know that this experience would rapidly change and grow and she'd be leading the charge on some of the busiest days our business has ever seen. From a one group espresso machine to a two and then a three, we have continued to grow and change. The beauty and chaos of working for a small growing business means CHANGE and that is exactly what has happened. Not only did she help us train our staff, but she has been at many recipe tastings, menu craftings and now roasts every week with a couple of others. 

We had a conversation with Morgan and this is how it went:

1. How did you get started with Bizarre?

I actually worked for the previous shop owner before bizarre took over and was kept on as a barista during the switch. I’ve been here since the store front opened in Canton!

2. Could you tell us more about our roasting process?

Everything is completely manual with our roaster so that includes temperature control, air flow, and manual charting of each roast. It allows for complete creative control over each individual small batch roast!

3. What type of roaster do we use at Bizarre?

We use a Diedrich IR-24 roaster. 

4. What are your top 3 favorite Bizarre Coffees and why?

My absolute favorite right now is probably Jude’s Brew, it’s a great full bodied and full flavored cup. Jammin' Toast comes in a close second I love the blend of fruity and graham cracker notes that come through. I’m also really loving the Freaky Deaky it’s our newest medium roast very well balanced.

5. What makes you weird?

I have an irrational fear of wasps lol

6. What is your favorite drink at the shop? 

Honey and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte 

7. What are you currently reading? 

"A Game of Fate" by Scarlett S. Claire

It's been one of our greatest pleasures to watch her grow and learn with us. Next time you see her, make sure to talk to her about some of her faves. Shop her favorite roasts here.

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