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Inside the Mind of Our Designer: Rob Walker-Bunda

Inside the Mind of Our Designer: Rob Walker-Bunda

Rob Walker-Bunda, our graphic designer, holds a special place within our team, infusing his unique vision and talent into the personal designs that define our brand and help keep us wonderfully weird. As we collaborate closely with Rob, we recognize the invaluable contribution he makes to our creative endeavors. Below, Rob candidly shares the twists and turns that have shaped his career, highlighting the fusion of passions and pursuits that have ultimately led him to a career in design. Enjoy!

Q: How did you get into graphic design?

Rob: "The truth is I never set out to be a graphic designer, although in hindsight I guess when I was a teenager dreaming about "drawing" album covers and t-shirts for Motley Crue or Slayer, I was manifesting this very career. When everybody was talking about being an astronaut or president, I wanted to be a lion tamer. Then, as I grew older and less enamored with the circus life, I thought music or photography would be my path. So naturally, I got a degree in journalism. It wasn't until I went to SCAD for grad school that I even considered art as a career path. I was there because I wanted to teach and needed my MFA. But, in hindsight, that experience and the relationships made set the foundation for all of the work I do today - so thanks, SCAD!"

Q: What makes you unique in your field?

Rob: "There are some incredible illustrators, and insanely talented graphic designers, and awesome firms that employ teams of both. But as a graphic designer with an illustration background, you have an even greater array of options and directions you can explore for your clients."

Q: If you could swap styles with any famous artist (living or dead) for a day, whose work would you create?

Rob: "Why only one day? That would be crushing. Carving rocks like Michelangelo one day and back to plain old me the next? No, thank you - I'll stay my old mediocre self. But if I had to choose, I'd say Warhol. He did it all and seemed to have fun doing it. Rather than the textbook tortured artist-type. Haring would be fun too."

Q: How do you like your coffee?

Rob: "Add shot + steamed whole milk with a good bit of foam up top -OR- four shots, iced with half an inch of whole milk."

Q: What fuels your passions?

Rob: "I'm not sure, other than to say I'm lucky enough to have a job that not only allows me to exercise my love of art + design every dang day but also to serve and work with amazing people in fields and industries that I am passionate about. Like good food, weird coffee, and fast cars."

Q: And of course, we have to ask, what makes you weird?

Rob: "Have you seen me? I'm a 6'2" Jew from New York who lives on a mountain in Canton, Georgia, and draws walking flowers for a living.


Follow Rob's Work: https://www.instagram.com/bunker.design.work

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