The art of impact through coffee

We're on a mission to make your day, everyday, one coffee at a time.

Welcome to Bizarre Coffee! Our mission is to brighten your day with every cup of our unique, craft coffee. Founded in early 2020 by Sabrina Kaylor, an artist and digital marketer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bizarre Coffee combines a passion for coffee with a flair for art. Supported by her enthusiastic husband, Sabrina embarked on this journey to create a coffee brand that blends joy, creativity, and community spirit.

Our story began at local farmers' markets in Canton, Georgia, where Sabrina and her team introduced their “Good Mood Juice” and vibrant, funky branding. Just six months later, they opened the first Bizarre Coffee shop on East Marietta Street, transforming the space into a colorful, uplifting atmosphere with Sabrina's artistic touch.

At Bizarre Coffee, we believe in more than just serving great coffee; we aim to create a welcoming environment filled with positivity. Our dedicated staff, known as “Daymakers,” are committed to making each customer's day better with a cheerful “How can I make your day?” greeting, spreading happiness and kindness in every interaction.

Our quirky and creative spirit is evident in everything we do, from whimsical drink designs to seasonal menus. In 2023, we expanded to a second location in Downtown Woodstock, continuing our mission to bring joy and creativity to our community.

Central to our operations is our roastery, where we ensure our coffee is freshly roasted for our shops, subscription services, and wholesale clients. This dedication to quality guarantees that every cup of Bizarre Coffee is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Bizarre Coffee is more than a coffee shop; it's a community hub where art, creativity, and delicious coffee come together. Join us on our journey and experience the bizarre, delightful coffee experience that makes every day a little brighter.


We're obsessed with YOU.

We’re passionate about building genuine connections with our team and our customers, creating a community that thrives on meaningful relationships.


Celebrating who you are.

we take pride in seeing the unseen, celebrating the unique, and forging genuine connections over coffee. We believe that coffee is more than a beverage; it’s a vessel for making a real impact, and we couldn't imagine a better way to achieve that.