The Creation of Bizarre Coffee

The Creation of Bizarre Coffee

Let's set the scene. Picture this: It's early 2020 (pre-covid) and an aspiring artist/ digital marketer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida sat down with her husband and told him that she wanted to take the leap and combine her love of coffee and art together. Kaylor's eyes grew wide with excitement as he smiled at Sabrina and said, “How do we start?"

Excitedly, they began to plan the foundation and dream for their coffee company and ultimately their own cafe. Sabrina had always wanted to own a coffee shop and after years of working with a variety of different clients wanted to create a brand that would make people’s day, every day, with her art and coffee. With a caffeine fueled team, the energy is bound to be high, and she wanted to cultivate an environment with a positive, uplifting vibe. What could be better than that?

Being dedicated to their mission, and seeing the world just start to pick up after an intense lock down; Kaylor and Sabrina both worked multiple jobs, and on weekends would work local farmer’s markets to spread the news about their “Good Mood Juice” and their brand, Bizarre Coffee.

Against all odds, just 6 months after popping up all around Canton, they were approached by another business owner who was looking to get out of their situation. This would give them an opportunity to create the shop they had dreamed of... Not only that, but it was right by the farmers market that they had first showcased their brand. 

By December 1, 2020 they opened the doors of Bizarre Coffee on East Marietta Street…. At this point, it did not look much different from the previous shop at this point, and the only decor in the cafe that has remained true to our brand was a hand painted sign that said "Bizarre Coffee" in the window.

Sabrina then took the space and turned it into her canvas, and Bizarre her muse. So to all of you who wondered who painted the incredible murals and our “bizarre” branding, our owner, Sabrina is the one to applaud! Amidst the pandemic, and by the support of our Canton community, Bizarre has continued to grow and grow and we can’t wait to meet new faces in Downtown Woodstock this fall!


Our little coffee shop began to expand, and our need for more Daymakers became a necessity.

What is a Daymaker? Our owners began this business with the intention to make every single person’s day better that walks through our doors and drinks our coffee. In order to make everyone’s day, this task was delegated to the entire staff; thus, deeming the title “Daymakers”. (If you’re thinking this name sounds familiar, you’re thinking of the Daymaker drink in our cafe. Try it out next time you’re in Bizarre!). The best thing about our Daymakers is that they genuinely share the owners’ heart and mission for Bizarre. This is only accomplished by a “vibe check” in the interview. 

Trust me… it's a thing. 

As soon as we see you enter the building, we want to let you know that we see you, and you are welcome in our little coffee shop! By asking how we can make your day, we want to spread these positive, happy, vibes to you in hopes that you share the same with whoever you interact with next. Spreading kindness down the line! Our owner, Sabrina put it like this:

When you interact with a person and create a moment of happiness, it sends them out into the world with a happier heart. That person is now more likely to do something nice for someone else and so on.

We hope that each and every human being that enters our doors feels appreciated, seen, heard, and happier after visiting. Without your incredible love and support, Bizarre wouldn’t be here! Days have only gotten busier since the weather started warming up and we are so excited to see more of your smiling faces join us. 

For the last two and a half years, the Bizarre team has grown exponentially! The teammates have all cultivated friendships, and continue to bring Sabrina and Kaylor’s initial dream of having a positive and joyful atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. No matter how “big” we get, how our team changes and grows over the years, we will always ask “How can I make your day?” 

Speaking of growth and hiring Daymakers, I’m sure you have heard about our second location opening in Downtown Woodstock this fall 2023. If you are interested in working with a team of positive, goofy, kind, family-minded, hard-working individuals, you’d fit right in. We offer competitive pay, benefits, and opportunities for growth. 

For our barista and kitchen positions, experience is required; however, we offer an “Assist” position that we offer to highschoolers, those without much experience, or someone just wanting to move throughout the cafe! We welcome anyone and everyone in our doors!

Not to hype up Bizarre too much, but you can also make a playlist to play while you’re on shift. Work appropriate of course. 

Still interested? Please reach out and email us at with your resume. Our manager will reach out to you as soon as they’re able! We will be hiring for the opening of our second location Fall 2023. Be on the lookout for our announcement!

As always, thank you all for being so amazing. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful. All of this talk made me crave some…coffee. I gotta go grab some good mood juice, talk to you soon!