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Peaches, Strawberries and Piña Colada's.... but make them caffeinated

Peaches, Strawberries and Piña Colada's.... but make them caffeinated

We’ve been dreaming for summer, and now here she is in all her glory. Days filled with sunscreen, pistachio ice cream on the beach, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast…and lunch…and potentially dinner. Cookouts at the poolside, strawberries for snacking, and the sweet smell of piña coladas… 

If you frequent our little cafe in downtown Canton, Georgia, you’ve probably seen the line reaching down the street as our loyal coffee-drinkers anxiously wait for their good mood juice. Over the years, we have released variations of our summer menu each year, and this season is especially exciting as we welcome old and new favorites. 

To give a little glimpse into our personal favorites from our 2023 summer menu drop, I conducted a few interviews with our baristas! These ladies have some excellent recommendations if you ask me! 

Morgan: Shift lead & assistant drink menu creator 
“My favorite drink from this summer’s menu is the Princess Peach latte. Not only do I love the taste of the peaches with brown sugar cinnamon and honey, but it brings back wholesome memories with my family. In the summertime, my family picks fresh peaches. My dad then coats the peaches in honey and cinnamon and grills them to perfection. While forming the summer menu, I really wanted to find something to replicate that. All to say, the Princess Peach latte is by far my favorite peach drink that we’ve created thus far!” 
Nataleigh: Barista extraordinaire & world traveler 
“I love our whole summer menu, especially Purely Pistachio and Summer Strawb (honorable mention). Pistachio is one of my all-time favorite flavors, and Purely Pistachio tastes exactly like pistachio cheesecake to me. I would recommend drinking it iced so that you can experience the full flavors of the cheesecake cold foam and honey drizzle moment. Not only is this drink made for coffee drinkers, but it tastes delightful as a chai or matcha as well.” 
Emily K.: Barista master trainer & giggle queen 
“My favorite drink on the summer menu is the Summer Strawb! I started working at Bizarre in the summertime last year, and so this drink reminds me of my first months in the cafe. I remember being absolutely obsessed with the Summer Strawb (previously known as Strawberry Fields)... Now as I sit here sipping on the delish latte, my mind is flooded with such happy memories of making new friends and learning all about the coffee biz. My favorite part of the drink is the strawberry shortbread crumble; it’s to die for!” 
Ash: Barista by day, chef by..other days & blog writer 
“This is my first summer at Bizarre and I am absolutely loving the vibes here. It’s giving Malibu on the beach meets trendy/artsy coffee shop. Speaking of the beach, our drink Piña Colada Matcha transports me right on over to my towel, laying in the sand, Jack Johnson playing on the speaker, and the smell of the sweet drink in my hand. I grew up visiting my mom on Tybee Island and getting virgin frozen piñas on the beach, and this takes me back. I highly recommend it, especially on a hot, sunny day!” 

You heard it here first, Princess Peach, Purely Pistachio, Summer Strawb, and Piña Colada Matcha are the faves for the 2023 summer season. Although these are our go-to’s, we know you all have your favorites as well! 

Speaking of fan favorites, we have heard your pleas for the return of Banana Baby, and we decided to add it back to the menu as a little special summer surprise. We are so thrilled that you love it as much as we do! 

I almost forgot, not only did we release new bev’s for you all to enjoy, but we also released a limited time only line of summer merch! For your iced 16 oz drinks, you can add a souvenir cup for $3, or just purchase it on the side for $5. Not only is it the cutest cup I’ve ever seen, but it’s dishwasher safe and made to be used over and over again! Per our usual fashion, we released a new sticker or two with immaculate summer memorabilia, and the most adorable vacay vibes shirt you’ll ever see. It’s giving cutesie beach shack on the shore and I am so here for it. Check out our full summer collection!

We hope that after reading our recommendations and learning a bit more about our favorite drinks, that you’ll come on by and take a chance on our summer menu! We’ve been dying for you all to try everything, and we can’t wait to hear your favorites and to bring them back yearly for your enjoyment. 

Thank you for the insane support over the last few weeks, we have been busier than ever and have loved seeing all the smiling faces that are usually in school. So, this summer, bring your friends and family down to Bizarre, split drinks, and try everything!!! 

Go get outside, and enjoy this lovely summer weather while she’s here. Talk to you next time, friends!


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