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The Bizarre Babies

The Bizarre Babies

Everybody loves a cute baby mascot. Here at Bizarre, we have some of the cutest little ones that frequent our shop.

We “adopted” one of our regular’s kiddos, and she has held the title “Bizarre Baby” for the last few years; however, as the time comes for Sabrina and Kaylor to have their little one, the torch is being passed down…

If you have met the owners of Bizarre, you know how kind, energetic, playful, and creative they are.

I conducted an interview with her mom, Britany Staines; she and her husband, Roy, are some of our favorite regulars. They’ve been supporters from the beginning, and their energy, encouragement, and friendship have carried on throughout the years. We are so thankful for them and their sweet little baby girl, Makenzie! Click here to watch her story

Lights, camera, action! Queue interview with Britany…

How did you guys first discover Bizarre Coffee?

Well, we had some friends who had been customers there before. They absolutely loved it, and invited Roy and I to get coffee with them one day. We met Sabrina and Kaylor shortly after our first visit, as we very quickly became regulars.

So cute, I love hearing that. It is so cool to me how they have maintained relationships with regulars as they have remained part of our daily operations in the cafe. They value our customers and have created some of the greatest friendships within the community! 

How old was your daughter, Makenzie, when you first brought her into the cafe?

Makenzie was just 6 months old when we first brought her into Bizarre. I distinctly remember this because we took a picture on the table out front, as well as by the accent wall that Sabrina painted inside. 

What is Makenzie’s favorite treat from Bizarre? 

She loves the acai bowl! It was actually the first thing she ever had from there at 6 months old. She shared one with our friend that had introduced us to Bizarre. She definitely still eats them to this day. 

I can attest to that! She wears the berry smoothie bowl proudly on her cheeks on occasion. The literal cutest. 

What is your and Roy’s favorite memory of Makenzie at Bizarre?

Some of our favorite memories come in the form of pictures. Watching Makenzie grow up is bittersweet, and we love having mini photoshoots with our girl inside and outside; keeping these moments with us forever! We love all the unique backgrounds, you can’t find that anywhere else!

Makenzie took her first steps in the coffee shop on July 1st 2021, at 8.5 months old. We often joke that it was the coffee that made her walk so early. We didn’t expect her to walk at all yet! We had been hanging out in the window seats (pre-2022-renovation) and Roy had set her up on the ground so she could stand. I told her to come to me, and she shocked us all by walking 5 steps to me. We all started cheering and she walked more…and more…and more! 


What is y’all’s favorite part of coming to Bizarre, and how did Makenzie gain the title, “Bizarre Baby”?

Our favorite part is the coffee of course…but really the atmosphere. We always feel welcome and loved as soon as we walk in the door. Makenzie especially loved Kaylor from the first time he held her behind the register while taking orders. He said he was training Bizarre’s future barista. That’s how she became “Bizarre Baby”!


Also…her parents’ caffeine addiction helped with that.

Such a sweet memory for you guys, I love that! Speaking of “Bizarre Baby”, what do Sabrina and Kaylor’s son have to look forward to as he will grow up in the Bizarre culture?

Well, first off, we will call Makenzie “OG Bizarre Baby” now. Baby Bob will take the official “Bizarre Baby” title, and we couldn’t be happier to hand it down to him! He’s gonna have so many people, including us, watching him grow up at the coffee shop just like Makenzie did. We can’t wait to have them in photos together. Sabrina and Kaylor will make the very best parents for the newest Bizarre baby, we have no doubt. I’m excited to watch them grow as parents. They’ve loved on not only our baby, but so many other kids that come into their shop.

*Wipes away the tears from my eyes* 

We wish their little man all the happiness that the world has to give. Sabrina and Kaylor are some of the coolest, sweetest, honest, loving people we know. He couldn’t get much better parents than them. I don’t even know if they grasp, as first time parents, the immense joy that comes with bringing a life into the world…but they will soon enough! He’s gonna grow up surrounded by so many coffee loving humans. It’s gonna be so awesome to watch.

Wow, that was precious. I agree, I think they’ll be incredible parents. I know their kid is gonna be awesome! We all can’t wait to meet him; and I know Sabrina and Kaylor value you, Roy, and Makenzie immensely, and have such a special friendship with you all. Thank you so much for sharing your memories and hopes for the newest Bizarre Baby!

As this blog comes to a close, please remember to keep Sabrina and Kaylor in your thoughts and prayers as their little man is expected to come into the world at any second! 

I’m not gonna lie… After hearing about Makenzie’s acai bowl obsession; I got a major craving for one. Brb while I go chow down on our delish acai smoothie bowl! Signing off for now, see ya next time!

....and with a true beautiful ending to the Bizarre Baby story, the newest one Baby Jude was born on June 27, 2023 and is ready to continue what Makenzie started. 



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