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Brew Method: French Press

Brew Method: French Press

Using a French Press is an affordable way for you to enjoy coffee + feel like an experienced barista in your own home especially if you tend to like a really strong and bold cup of coffee. One of the major benefits of using this method is that you get to control how strong you like your cup as well as maintaining the oils from the beans to give you a tastier cup.
1. A French Press
3. Hot Water (we recommend filtered and not boiling)
    • First start by gathering all of the ingredients and either grinding or portioning our your coffee. (For your ratio: We recommend to using .75oz or 4TBS of coffee per 12oz of water. Feel free to modify this based on your taste/desired boldness.)
    • Next, go ahead and pour your coffee grounds into the French press and add 12 oz of hot water (you do not want the water to be boiling), place the plunger on top of the French Press and push down so it lightly touches the coffee.
    • Wait 4 minutes
    • Push plunger all the way down
    • Pour and enjoy! 
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