3 Step Cold Brew

We LOVE sipping on Cold Brew all year long and here is a super simple and affordable way for you to skip Starbucks (our coffee is better anyways) + have ready to go cold brew coffee available all of the time. 
We've been working on our ratios/timing for quite a while and here is what all of our customers have really been loving!
1. An Airtight Container
3. (1) Reusable Brew Bag
  • First start by gathering all of the ingredients and either grinding or portioning our your coffee. (For your ratio: We recommend to using 1TBSP of coffee per 8oz of water. Feel free to modify this based on your taste/desired boldness.)
  • Next, go ahead and pour your coffee grounds into the brew bag and place bag into your container.
  • Fill the container with pre-portioned water based on how much you want to make. *we recommend filtered or bottled water if possible.
  • Seal your container and place into the fridge for 14-15 hours.
  • Remove Brew Bag
  • Stir your Coffee
  • Pour and enjoy! 
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