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Fall is for LOVERS

Fall is for LOVERS

Picture this…

You just woke up to the smell of cinnamon pancakes. As your eyes adjust to the dim light of the morning, you see the orange and red leaves coating the tree just outside your window. Pulling on your sweater and sliding your feet into your house shoes, you shuffle to the kitchen toward the smell of the pancakes. Upon reaching the kitchen, there is a hot, Pumpkin Honey Butter latte sitting there next to your cinnamon pancakes drenched in maple syrup. You may not know how it got there, but man. It is delish. 

To your horror, you wake up from this lovely dream and there are no cinnamon pancakes waiting for you… But it is fall.. kinda.. and Bizarre Coffee is but a drive away and they will happily make you that Pumpkin Honey Butter latte. 

I know, I know. I really played with your emotions on that one. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? Those are the kinda dreams I want to have. But unfortunately, my autumn dreams are typically the kind that involve ghosts and weird spiders. Anyone else? No? That’s fine. I’ll just sit here and drink my Creepy Crawly latte*. 

Oh! I almost forgot. This is a Fall Menu drop announcement!

So, you know how typically we drop a few season inspired, freaking delicious, world altering lattes? Well this year, we have ELEVEN new drinks for y’all to try! There’s an incredible variety as well for our coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike. 

Dirty Pecan Chai + Pie

I’m not gonna lie, we are all drooling over the Pecan Pie Dirty Chai. Spoiler alert, it comes with a literal pecan pie on top. Yeah, I know. There is a shot of espresso in the drink, however, if you’re not a coffee drinker, ask for it without! We won’t judge(;

Ok, ok, I wasn’t going to give away allllll of our drinks, but I got carried away thinking about fall activities and which drink I would get to go with the occasion. Let me share this genius with you. 

Fall Fest is a kettle corn, caramel, and toffee nut sticky mess (not really, but dang is it good). I think this one is a bit self explanatory, but imagine wearing your favorite fall flannel and heading over to the local fair with your buddies. You grab a Fall Fest latte to go, and of course, it’ll instantly put you in the mood for the festivities to come. 

Snuggled Up Chai Latte from Bizarre Coffee

Secondly, I’d like for you to imagine yourself in your comfiest at-home fall outfit. Maybe something involving sweatpants, a big sweater and fuzzy boots? That’s where I’m at. I pop over to Bizarre, grab a Snuggled Up Chai (toffee nut, vanilla and cinnamon chai) and head back home for my yearly binge of Gilmore Girls. A maple candle is lit in the room of course. 

Maple Pumpkin Matcha Latte from Bizarre Coffee

 Speaking of maple, this is a unique twist for our matcha drinkers! The Maple Pumpkin Matcha is fantastic both hot and iced, but personally, I like it iced so I can enjoy the pumpkin foam on top. I would 100% drink this on my way to Spirit Halloween to grab my costume; the color pallet is giving monster/pumpkin vibes…I love it. 

Apples to Apples latte from Bizarre Coffee

My last mental picture exercise for you today is this: you’re driving up to Ellijay and on your way, you decide to stop at Bizarre for an Apples to Apples latte. You hop back in the car, Noah Kahan is playing on Spotify, blasting in your car speakers as you drive through the windy mountain roads, tasting that sweet apple, amaretto and almond latte. 

Ok. Jokes over, I need 65 degree weather and all of this to happen ASAP. 

I’m gonna need you all to manifest fall weather, autumn activities, and more Halloween decor in stores so that I can get this sweater-weather aesthetic rolling. 

I almost forgot another huge announcement! Not only did we happen to come up with these drinks, but we also are releasing a Harvest Crunch Bowl from the kitchen! You may be asking yourself, now what is that…? Lemme tell ya...

Harvest Crunch Bowl from Bizarre Coffee

You’ve heard of our Acai Berry Bowl, the Nutter Butter Bowl, etc… But the Harvest Crunch Bowl is essentially pumpkin pie in a bowl with blended bananas, pumpkin puree, almond butter and a vanilla/cinnamon protein mixture. Sounds good right? Just wait. It’s also topped with our granola, almonds, cacao nibs and honey drizzle. Catch me eating it every.freaking.day.

Well friends, as usual, thank you so much for tuning in today. I appreciate you reading through my imaginary autumn scenarios and manifestations. We cannot wait to enjoy the new menu drop with you and to watch you fall in love with it just as much as us. 

Creepy Crawly latte from Bizarre Coffee

*An honorary mention to the aforementioned Creepy Crawly latte. I’m sure I got some weird looks with that one. This is a pumpkin and cookie dough latte, drizzled with mocha sauce and a decorative spider ring. We got real creative with this one and it’s about to blow your mind. No biggie. 

As always, you can ORDER AHEAD to secure the goods without waiting in line! 

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