Must-Visit Book Stores in Metro-Atlanta

Must-Visit Book Stores in Metro-Atlanta

Hey there, book lover! If you're passionate about discovering cozy, quaint local bookstores, then you're in for a treat. Metro-Atlanta is home to a beautiful variety of independent bookstores, from East Atlanta Village to downtown Woodstock. Sure, you could order a book online or stop by a retail store, but there's something magical about finding a hidden gem bookshop and getting lost in their carefully curated selection. You're sure to find a book less often read or perhaps a vintage find from years past.

In this guide, we're diving into some of our favorite local bookstores that we know you'll love. Plan a trip and pick up your next favorite book!

Top Book Stores in Metro-Atlanta

1. The Sweet Read


The Sweet Read independent bookstore in downtown Woodstock.


A cozy bakery and bookshop all in one, right in the heart of downtown Woodstock. The Sweet Read offers a wide selection of used books, delectable baked goods, classic board games, and more! With ample comfy seating and WiFi, this charming shop is the perfect spot to knock out some work, do some studying, or dive into a good book.


2. Poe & Company 


Poe and Company family-owned, independent bookstore in Milton, Georgia.


A family-owned, independent bookstore located in Milton, Georgia. Their mission is to encourage reading with a book in hand. They offer a wide-selection of books and offer community events such as children's story time, books clubs, author readings, book signings and more! Shop online or in-store and help support a local, small business while also finding your next read!


3. A Capabella Books

A Cappella Books independent bookstore in Little Five Points Atlanta.

A Cappella Books is an independent bookstore located in Little Five Points since 1989. With a genuine passion for reading and books, they offer a carefully curated selection of titles. Their shelves are stocked with the most important and interesting current releases and contemporary bestsellers, as well as less-common, hard-to-find books that are sure to spark your interest. This bookstore is truly an Atlanta staple, dedicated to fostering a love for reading in a tech-focused society.


4. Little Shops of Stories

The Little Shop of Stories independent children's bookstore in Decatur, Georgia.

Located in Decatur, Little Shop of Stories, a bookstore for children, opened its doors in 2005. With its fun, colorful environment, this bookstore is an inviting and engaging place for children to fall in love with reading and discover the excitement of books. Offering story time, book clubs, and summer day camps, Little Shop of Stories is the perfect destination for families with little ones who aspire to nurture a love of reading in their children.


5. Bookish

Bookish independent bookstore in East Atlanta Village.

Known as East Atlanta's indie bookstore, Bookish is an independent bookstore with a carefully curated selection of diverse fiction and social justice-oriented non-fiction books, reflecting their core mission. They welcome all people and take pride in their diverse customer base. Take a trip to East Atlanta Village and snap your new favorite book!


6. The Read Shop


The Read Shop, an independent bookstore and coffee shop in Vinings, Georgia.


If you're searching for the perfect spot to unwind with a captivating book and a delicious iced latte, look no further than The Read Shop! Nestled in the Vinings Jubilee, this gem is far from your average bookstore. Here, you'll discover the ultimate blend of cozy café vibes and a book lover's haven, all under one roof. Trust us, a visit here is more than just about grabbing a book—it's an experience that includes some really good coffee, too!


7. Bookmiser

Bookmiser an independent bookstore located in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia.

Located in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia, Bookmiser is an independent, used bookstore offering over 40,000 new and used books ranging from children's classic to adult best sellers. Their mission is to spread the love of reading and buying books from bookstores during the age of eCommerce. If you're in the Marietta area, stop by and grab a few used or new books and start a new reading goal for the year! 


8. Atlanta Vintage Books

Atlanta Vintage Books an independent vintage bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia.

A vast 5,000 square foot independent bookstore, Atlanta Vintage Books offers over 75,000 vintage collectables and used books. Known for offering extremely rare and vintage books that include first edition, signed, collectible, leatherbound and specialty press books. If you're on the search for a unique book or other vintage treasure, take a trip to Atlanta Vintage Books. 


Metro-Atlanta's bookstore scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, offering a wide array of literary havens for every kind of reader. From cozy children’s bookshops to indie stores with carefully curated selections, each bookstore contributes to the rich tapestry of our community.

Supporting these local businesses not only helps preserve the unique character of our neighborhoods but also fosters a love for reading and a sense of community. We encourage you to explore these wonderful bookstores and support them in any way you can. 🫶 


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